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    Kubebwa utoto

    Mr Pandora Papers speaks
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    What is the government hiding?

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    Igathe tena

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    Kalonzo apashwa

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    Mad respect to Idrissa Gueye

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    Kenya is a funny country

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    Meria, how true is this?

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    In search of the elusive bursary funds

    We really need to think well and hard. We elect those that care very little our well being. Maybe it's time to Fagia Wote like Sri Lanka. And miss me with BBI bulls*it because even though we'd have gotten more constituencies, the downside of the document would've been worse as the country is...
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    Senior Bachelor wa Senate

    For 20 kcr, name the lister On a light note to forget the dirty politics
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    Project Igathe

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    Embu Level 5 Hospital

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    Globe Roundabout

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    I need some advice

    Ya kwanza ni kwa watu wa mastima such as @QuadroK4000.. arial gani ya TV poa? Niko na digital TV so no need for decoder. Ya pili kwa watu wa magari kama @Introvert na @zapp_brannigan ni kama kuna alternative poa ya WD-40?
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    Pastor ameamua hatalea mtoto sio wake

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    If you could meet 5 Listers in person, who would they be?

    Obviously most of you will mention some of the female Senators such as @Karma_mama, @Female Perspective & @Deep Sea among others. But I'm just curious on your answers. As for me, it would be the aforementioned listers (no offense to @Mongrel) 😂 😂 😂 and then @Meria to learn more about the DRC...
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    Kwa akina Mwalimu-G

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    Verbal diarrhea in 3.. 2..1...

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    On matters KQ