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    Kubebwa utoto

    Mr Pandora Papers speaks
  2. Nameless

    Man City or Liverpool to win the league? Leeds or Burnley to be relgated? Buckle up!

    Sisi kama Liverpool tunajua kimeibiwo
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    Do not tease a lion

    It's a zoo meaning for all we know, he's actually an escaped bonobo from his cage
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    What is the government hiding?

  5. Nameless

    Kudos to Machakos Police

    What a wonderful gesture. Entitled people who care less about the less fortunate like some in this senate would rather promote their individualistic views yet a child doesn't choose to be born. Heck, even Obama's dad neglected him before birth but look how he ended up as the most powerful man...
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    Igathe tena

  7. Nameless

    Kalonzo apashwa

  8. Nameless

    Mad respect to Idrissa Gueye

  9. Nameless

    Mkurugenzi admits hustlers are better organized

    Ouma Onyango is like you, an Azimio supporter.
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    Kenya is a funny country

    As much as it seems a lot, it is an average of 150 shillings per year for the 10 million Kenyans who bet
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    Kenya is a funny country

  12. Nameless

    Meria, how true is this?

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    Hii project ya Uhuru itatuonyesha maneno hapa Kanairo

    Siasa hufanya mtu anakaa raia wa kawaida hadi apate kiti
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    Fai Omar Amario - Kenya's Most Eccentric Son?

    Hii ni kama kusoma kwingi. Misunderstood genius?
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    I need some advice

    Asante sana mkubwa.
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    In search of the elusive bursary funds

    We really need to think well and hard. We elect those that care very little our well being. Maybe it's time to Fagia Wote like Sri Lanka. And miss me with BBI bulls*it because even though we'd have gotten more constituencies, the downside of the document would've been worse as the country is...
  17. Nameless

    Senior Bachelor wa Senate

    For 20 kcr, name the lister On a light note to forget the dirty politics