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    BREAKING! Francis Atwoli

    New hit song
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    Affordable fencing

    I need to help with a problem of preventing sand harvesters from stealing sand from a parcel of land of about 6 acres. Currently no one stays there so this is a problem. Currently we're not ready for a huge investment of, say, concrete poles maybe in the future. Any ideas on some kind of...
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    Business idea required

    I know this is the wrong way to go about it, that the right way is to identify a gap and combine skills and resources to fill it so as to provide goods or services that are not easy to come by otherwise. But in this case, there's available space in a permanent building in a small rural market...
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    Mobius II SUV

    Anyone who's experienced the Kenyan made Mobius II? I like that they say the focus is on simplicity and ruggedness making it easy to use and service in the African context. The released 50 units of the first generation and received feedback which they used in designing the second...
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    Where do you get your tools?

    Can't seem to find a place selling a socket adapter set the like of this, even in automotive repair areas. Any leads to well stocked tool shops who could have this?
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    Made in Kenya - Clothing

    Where would one purchase made in Kenya items? Or does need to have it custom made by finding someone with the specific expertise
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    Borrowing against Savings

    Let's say you have an x amount of cash stashed somewhere. What are the best options of borrowing money against those savings, rather than spending it directly. Or maybe convert it into another form of security you can borrow against?
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    Swali kwa WSR die hards

    I've been having a hard time understanding what you stand for. In most of your discussions you seem fixated on what Uhuru or RAO did wrong. And then you finish off by quoting mysterious sayings, some from the holy book. I like keeping an open mind looking at all matters rationally, and...
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    Tanzanians mourn their leader

    They loved their man. A man of the people
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    Black Subculture Prevents Blacks from Succeeding

    Ghetto language holding them back, preventing them from participating in the wider community. Offspring of American black solders in Germany after the second world war showed no differences in IQ with those of the white. This is because they grew up in a nation with no black subculture e.g. no...
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    Trump still winning

    If Trump is guilty of incitement, so are the democrats. Trump's defence team completely dismantles the allegation of inciting an insurrection. Video showing democrats using fight rhetoric, wanting to blow up the white house etc
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    Name the Listers

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    Greta Thunberg vs Jordan Peterson - Global Warming

    Greta Thunberg gives an adorable poem, but Jordan Peterson injects a dose of common sense It's hard to separate the science from the politics No one knows what to do about it. Impossible to measure the consequences of any action taken to address climate change (it takes decades) Germany...
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    Vitamin D and covid

    A number of studies correlate vitamin D deficiency with a severe reaction to covid infection Open letter by scientists: Article on study conducted in italy: Maybe the things that help someone have high vitamin...
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    Farming is Easy Money

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    A first: Meet the 27year old newborn

    Baby girl born from record-setting 27-year-old embryo image copyrightCourtesy National Embryo Donation Center image caption When Molly Gibson was born in October of this year, it was 27 years in the making. Her embryo was frozen in October 1992, and stayed that way until February 2020, when...