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    Sex and Love are they related

    What do you mean by love? Someone can love their choma, love their car, love their parents, love their spouse, love their job etc.. all meaning slightly different things. The word love in the English language can mean different things in different situations
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    Libya under Gaddafi

    Democracy maybe has good intentions but is overrated. Different things work for different cultures
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    Suspected Cow thief lynched earlier today

    Kenyans. We'll murder those who steal chicken, cows but line up to celebrate those we voted in and stole billions. Some months of community service would be proportional to this crime where no one was harmed.
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    January Poll

    Precisely what is wrong with this country. You focus on personalities and tribes, not principles, policy and track record. Yet you are the very same ones who complain here about scandals and hard economic conditions, as if by surprise. You get the leaders you deserve, not the ones you claim to...
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    Weekend Football

    Cheatsea divers at work, denying totte
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    Ati Wanjigi ameita Kinoti nini?

    So unasema pia Wanjigi alifunzwa na watu wa Her Majesty kama Njonjo?
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    Earthquake Warning

    😄 People should not really joke about unforgiving forces of nature like this
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    BREAKING! Francis Atwoli

    New hit song
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    Pray for Tonga

    This has nothing to do with climate change though
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    AOB Jaaanuary, one - thiefth, 20202

    In the first one, I think the camera's tilted. Look closely at the top of the trees.
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    Handshake Benefits

    Kenyans who electing then keep reelecting these politicians should be brought to account. When it comes to salaries and renumeration there's no party lines, they're all united against your interests. They are remunerated way better than many politicians in developed economies you would think...
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    Uhuru would never

    Here in Kenya even Sonko started imagining scenarios in which he was acting president.
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    This Is Guok-Watu wa Ndeiya ni Madoggy Sana

    Semeni date, Mimi nitaleta njugu karanga for spectators
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    The "MAD SEASON" Offically Begins

    The DP would have extricated himself from these promises if he'd decided to resign from govt, but he decided to remain even after it was clear to everyone he was campaigning against the govt.
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    Fascism in the Education sector: Magoha bringing classism in education.

    You've re-interpreted what is in the article in too liberal a manner. Even with the current curriculum don't students specialize some specific subjects in their last two years of high school? How many times have people complained of the uselessness of some of the subjects they learnt in school...
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    Denno egg

    Stori za wazungu pia zilitufunza even though in some instances we had African equivalents. The boy who cried wolf applies here. If you keep crying the wolf, then no one knows when it's a real wolf.
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    Watu wa Kitengela kujeni kiasi

    @Pamba 1 we see you're online. Leo umepata bundles whichever hardship area of the country they threw you in.
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    How Nairobi phonecall forced US President to deploy Seal Team Six

    Is it that they can't find trusted locals to coordinate humanitarian aid on the ground? An American civilian in Somalia is literally a walking target.
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    Someone tag government apologists

    So you are saying people enjoyed his 'services' as chief of opposition and voted against him, calling him a perennial loser, to keep it that way? Hehe.. wow. You can't make this stuff up
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    Hii inawasha..

    But let's ask, who elects these representives who have no principles but grovel to the highest bidder. Yes, it's Kenyans since they elect one who represents their aspirations. Ask yourself, do you or your neighbour not steal because of principles or lack of opportunity?