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    mary Magdalene

    I will have to do my own research to find out what there is to this story. Interesting.
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    Rolls Royce Spectre

    One thing I like about Rolls-Royce is their perfection and how they allow to to custom make your own ordered car.
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    The Pot-a-Gons - safisha eyes!

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    Ultimate Kenyan roadtrip!

    Do-able but will take much of your time.
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    Watching this

    I love such documentaries which shed light on unknown things that are not obvious to all.
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    Ruiru bypass

    Wengine kweli wanakua unlucky hope hakukua na fatalities.
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    Tembea Kenya: Sleeping Warrior

    Nice pictures and hope you had a nice time too.
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    from the courts

    I have to ask. Hii sex hii inafanya between 1pm to 4pm. Mtoto wa 13 years hakua anaenda shule ama nini?
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    saudis wants to buy new castle

    Lets wait and see now Newcastle contend for top 4 in the coming years.
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    Buffalo Soldiers

    You mentioned buffalo soldier and had reminded me of the great Bob Marley's song.
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    Wonders Of The World - Creatonos gangis

    This is disgusting to even look at.
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    A.O.B Thursday 7st October 2021

    Very lucky to have survived that hit.
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    One Kenya Alliance (OKA) got new members

    Without any coalition with the main contenders I don't see this lot go far. Hawana msimamo.
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    404 Peugeot Saloon

    Ilikua inazimwa kwa mteremko alafu mwisho wa mteremko inawashwa. I guess ilikua kusave petrol or something.
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    World largest kidney removed

    Does it mean he has no Kidney or he had another one transplanted?
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    mary Magdalene

    Claiming that she was in some sort of relationship with Jesus is just wrong.
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    Monthly Poll

    The thing about polls it should be random and inclusive of every age group. This platform isn't good to predict any result.
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    Namna Gani?Dr Luther Kuja

    Soon this thing is going to be expensive if its going to be needed yearly.
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    Hiyo yellow dress imeweza kabisaaaa.
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    House Of The Dragon | Official Teaser

    The trailer looks interesting. Will try it out.