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    Dr Leakey dies

    @Meria would you happen to be Serengeti of KLost of Wanderi?
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    Azimio la umoja. Official thread

    Umeishi majuu. Politics (read - policies) about the greater good. Perhaps. In 5 years time the same folks will be crying here about their elected leaders. Instead of focusing on issues, it is laser beamed on personalities. We knew Uhuru was not good as PORK. When we said it, we were called...
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    Azimio la umoja. Official thread

    You always came off as measured and even keeled. Guess siasa brings out the true colors. It's just a matter of time. Same as they say about having money for folks that never had it and eventually happenstance upon it.
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    Man Shot And Robbed Of Sh1.1M Moments After Withdrawing Cash From Family bank

    This is definitely collusion with the tellers. It's not rocket science.
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    ledama aandamwa hadi karura

    Kshs. 43,000.00 entertainment monthly = approx. $430.00 each month for entertainment? When people are struggling to make ends in Kenya? This woman needs to recalibrate. :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
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    Murder Most Foul

    Mental health issues, hopelessness, societal pressures and expectations need to addressed urgently. The dialogue has to start at the top, executive and legislative levels, instead of useless political campaigns that last every 4 - 5 years until the next election. Instead of elected officials...
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    What is the longest distance you have walked

    How long did it take you from Busia to Kisumu?
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    Baba Airline.

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    Promised Thread Ya Electricity Consumption Monitoring

    Lakini @shocks hii mawaidha ukiweka hapa hadharani. Watu wa jack of all trades kama @Mongrel wakijaribu hii connection si watapigwa "sock" sana?
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    single mother rant

    Wamejaribu pale Karura? Many are domiciled there.
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    In the headlines

    They get to take home $100,000.00 each. Not bad. A good payday. Hongera!
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    Baba the Road Bully

    Poa. Niaje butcher man?
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    Baba the Road Bully

    Thought there was an "Eli-copter" to airlift him to a Na-robi ospital? :oops: :oops: :oops: Truly an enigma. Both on land and the air at the same time.
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    Kenyanlist Awards 2021. Nominate your favorite

    Best omba omba - Mr. Wingroad a.k.a Mr. Ndizi-yoghurt. Bure kabisa!