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    Another crime of passion victim

    Na vile ni kadogo aaah
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    Man united vs Roma prediction

    Let's wait for the resuĺt
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    Common sense

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    Tambia mbaya

    Who does boychild belong to? 🙃 the family must be happy now
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    Weekend is here
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    My girlfriend left me for a girl

    A potential threesome here😉
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    Long sex kills

    I think the soldiers like falling down in the battle
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    Common sense

    Point noted👊
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    Another guka love story

    😂😂 wisdom in this🔥
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    Niko Sherehe Na Haitaki Hasira...

    🤣🤣😂 Guka atibiwe sasa
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    Kumbe ndio...

    Men please marry before the girls marry themselves😅😅
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    Nyeri kuna mambo

    😅😀😀😀 too funny
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    Am coming with a feedback
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    Cortedivoire in Maua Meru.

    😂😂😂 sielewi hata mimi