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    @Afro ...leta pic yako tutoshanishe... American woman breaks record for largest afro By Connie Suggitt Published 02 December 2020 Simone Williams (USA), from Brooklyn, New York, has officially broken the record for the largest afro (female). Her phenomenal afro is 20.5 cm (8.07 in) tall, 22.5...
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    No nyamachoma for BBI types in Mt Kenya

    Wah, sasa utakula nini lunch @Mwalimu-G
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    Foreign drone lands on our soil

    How secure is our air-space?
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    Moses Kuria Speaks

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    Rice planter apprehended

    It must be something she's gotten away with before. Akule ujeuri wake
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    Inside the Battle for Control of Michuki’s Multibillion Empire

    Wisdom hapo. It's not a good scenario for one to leave and those left behind constantly battle
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    This is Guka!

    On a light note of course..
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    This is Guka!

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    A.O.B Wednesday 25st November 2020

    Makonikoress ambaye ni ASSt wa @Introvert
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    Hustler Nation - Hii Kitu Haitaki Makasiriko

    To blow off some steam, Uncle WSR went for a short sojourn to Dubai. Well, the usual bitter brigade led by bloggers such as Robert Alai & @ItsMutai have been up in arms because the DP had a small mwenjoyo at the restaurant now made famous by Salt Bae. I think it's even worse because said dude...
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    OG is brave, je wewe?

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    Would you date her?

    Woman Spends £20k On Head-To-Toe Tattoos Including On Her Genitals A tattoo-obsessed woman has spent nearly £20,000 - on covering herself in ink from head to toe. Julia Nuno, 32, got her first piece when she was 18, but in the last three years, has dedicated a total of 234 hours getting a full...
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    Mbuzi Idea

    Alikeni kila mutu baana
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    From Kibra to Karen

    Tuma pin