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  • FPC
    FPC/FFC headers are ribbon connectors which are used to connect to flexible printed circuits and flat flex circuits. These fpc connector and ffc connectors provide flexible, high-density solutions that can be used in applications in industries across the board.
    Female Header

    Female Header Socket

    PCB female header are the corresponding parts of headers that mate directly to male pin headers. Female headers (often referred to as socket headers) are made of a plastic housing with many sockets where the male pins are meant to fit.
    Box Header

    Box header or shrouded headers are pin headers that feature a plastic guide box or shroud surrounding the pins. This plastic box helps to prevent damage to the pins when it has yet to be mated and provides for an easier mating process of the connectors.
    Board-to-Board Connectors

    PCB board to board connectors are used to accurately interconnect printed circuit boards (PCBs) in a stackable manner. They can accommodate various types of PCB orientations, relative distances, and space constraints to allow for design flexibility.
    Automotive Connectors

    Automotive electrical connectors are used in electrical systems within automobiles. These electrical connectors have changed dramatically in today's modern world, and Greenconn offers the solutions to accommodate for these innovative advancements.

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