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    Tembea Kenya...

    Hiyo ya a whole year without tasting fish ni hogwash pure and prime! Siku hizi hata in Kikuyuland fish imekua more common than beef!
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    Tirops hubby nabbed in Changamwe

    Masten, and now Rotich, all down! Kangogo's record still rules supreme.
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    BREAKING: Masten Wanjala now lynched...

    And I noticed that they did not burn down the house this time. That to me is a civilized Mob, really!
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    Hapa ndio utapeli umefika?

    He sure is!
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    Hapa ndio utapeli umefika?

    Even without pretending they will still flock your church. Nga'ng'a never pretends.
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    Three weeks ago I mentioned this

    Sorry if I offended you. It was just a personal opinion. Next time I will keep it to myself.
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    Three weeks ago I mentioned this

    Sure! Sure, Mwalimu Mkuu. But there are times when wins don't count. If you don't attain satisfactory scores in a competition......
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    Three weeks ago I mentioned this

    Ubaya wa Baba na almost all of you his supporters, hua mwaongea kama ambao ni vitisho mnatisha watu. But mimi sina Ubaya kabisaa. I wish baba nothing but a huge success. But I know this... the success, if it is possible, will never be as sweet if he wins the seat without the votes from the...
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    mary Magdalene

    His is a very plausible story. It is much more plausible than the ridiculous ascension nonsense!
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    mary Magdalene

    Why is it wrong? Why?
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    types of conversations Kenyans never want to have

    A government, any government... all governments, indeed, are just pure-bred Mafias by pedigree.
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    Adam and Eve. And yet it is alleged that that snake was not a real snake but an other woman! images (30).jpeg A competitor of Eve's. Calling her a snake was just to slander the more beautiful and astute woman!
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    Nyani haoni kundule

    The way that dog looked at the writhing man with evident concern is really overwhelming!
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